:: Friendship SMS Messages ::

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Send these cool messages to your friendship to show them your feelings.


:: Funny SMS Messages ::

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Impress your friends & loved ones with the most funniest SMS messages.


:: Love SMS Messages ::

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Propose to her/him in the most easiest way, send them the most romantic messages.


:: Flirt SMS Messages- Be a Flirt ::

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Oooh! wanna flirt with someone, but dont have words? check this out.


:: Greetings SMS Messages ::

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Send your friends & loved ones daily and occasional greetings and win the hearts.


:: Miss You SMS Messages ::

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Send him/her these miss you messages to express your feelings.


:: Rude SMS Messages ::

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We recommend you not to be rude but sometimes its fun, be the brat kid :)


:: Hindi SMS Messages ::

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Hindi SMS collection for lovers.Click here for more.......


:: Nice SMS Messages ::

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Some inspirational quotes which can be send via SMS as thought of the day.


:: Favourite Poetry SMS ::

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Send your friends & loved ones World's Favorite Shayari Collection


:: Funny SMS Messages ::

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Send these messages to your friends if you want to make them laugh .....


:: One Line SMS Messages ::

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Oneline messages to convay your thougts to your friends in short.


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