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           Dara Singh
           Dara Singh

Dara Singh was a well-known wrestler before he joined Hindi films. He was known as 'Rustom-E-Hind' which also became one of his movies later on. But with his first film 'King Kong' in 1962, Dara Singh shot to fame and had a strong screen presence. He became one of the most sought after wrestlers of Bollywood in the years to come.

His debut film was highly appreciated and there came many movies where he played roles of similar type. Some of his movies like 'Rustom-E-Rome' (1963), 'Rustom-E-Baghdad' (1962) and 'Rustom-E-Hind' (1964) did much to his image but due to his limitations, he had to restrict himself to B-grade films.

There were many other films of his like 'Aaya Toofan', 'Sher-E-Watan', 'Shankar Khan' and 'Balraj Shri Krishna' which were thronged by the North Indian wrestlers. Dara Singh did many character roles also and the one role he is highly remembered for was from Manmohan Desai directed 'Mard'.

This film revolved around Amitabh Bachchan and anyone who could convincingly play his father was Dara Singh. He was able to live up to the expectations bestowed on him and came up with many laurels for this role of his. But Dara Singh shot to more fame through his role of 'Hanuman' in Ramanand Sagar's popular television serial 'Ramayan'.

Though quite old, Dara Singh played the role to perfection and people started recognising him as the actual 'Hanuman'. He then started doing more of serials and gained popularity.

He turned producer with 'Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar' and produced several Punjabi films. Though Singh got respectability as an actor with special appearances in RK Films' 'Dharam Karam' and 'Mera Naam Joker', it was Manmohan Desai who paid him an unusual compliment when he signed Dara Singh for 'Mard'. Said Desai, "Amitabh is playing the title role of Mard. I was wondering who could be his father if Amitabh plays Mard! Mard ka baap to Dara Singh hi ho sakta hai. This is why I took Dara Singh in the film." Singh, the strong man on the screen, is a mild mannered man in real life. These days he is doing TV serials .

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