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Kurukshetra - 136 119 (Haryana) India
Phone : +91-1744-238039, 238026, Fax : +91-1744-238277

B.S. Hooda
Chief Minister, Haryana

Dr R.P. Bajpai
Vice-Chancellor, KUK


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.The library has a plinth area of 49,230 Sq.ft. having the  facility of  370 seats in six reading areas at different floors of the library and 100 seats in the Rear Reading Hall. It is manned by nine well-qualified professional, one programmer, thirty-four Semi-Professionals and thirty-nine staff (Including Departmental Libraries)


The Library has 2,81,002 documents including 5,074 manuscripts. During the period under review, 5014 new books have been added to its stock. It subscribes to 450 Journals(foreign and Indian).

The Library facilities are provided   throughout the year (except on 6 National/Gazetted Holidays). The time schedule of opening is as under: On all working days   From 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. On Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays From 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Rear Reading Hall   From 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.


Total number of   bonafide library members(under different categories) is 8297 as under: Teachers(879) ; Research Scholars(806) ; Students(5163) ; Employees (1434) and special members(15). In addition to 8297 bonafide members, the central library has provided all the facilities except borrowing and ERNET services to the students of Directorate of Distance Education.

Readers Service
In order to facilitate the maximum use of books, various Departmental Libraries are maintained by the teaching departments. Reading material i.e. books and journals of their frequent use are transferred from Central Library from time to time

About 360 readers visited the Library daily. The Reference Section deals with the advisory services and provides answers to their queries. About 330 books are issued/returned daily.

The reprographic services are provided to academic community on subsidized rates. About 1000 pages were photocopied everyday.

The Library maintains book-bank (Student Home Library) and  two books are issued to needy bonafide students of the various departments for full session.

About 1200 books and 2000 volumes of   journals have been bound during the period under report.

Ernet Service
The ERNET Services Center of the Library is hooked to the Information Super- highway (INTERNET) since 1996. The VSAT connectivity to ERNET has been provided by the Department of Electronics, Govt. of India. This Center provides following services: Email, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, Archie, WWW, WAIS.

Besides, the University Library has launched the Website of our University on the Information Super-highway/INTERNET, which can be visited globally at the URL:http://kuk.ernet.in. This website covers around 500 pages and is available on a number of search engines/websites like www.altavista.com, www.infoseek.com, www.netscape.com, www.khoj.com, www.aol.com, www.google.com, www.rediff.com, www.acu.ac.uk, www.aiuwebcom,  www.inflibnet.ac.in etc. With the help of hyperlink facility our website can be found and accessed all over the world from these search engines/websites. The website includes the information related to important functionaries and admission of all post-graduate courses. It also covers the information about all the courses conducted by the directorate of distance education   along with admission form downloading facilities. During the year 2001, approx 7050 users visited the ERNET section for using the Internet facility. The Homepages of the University Teaching Departments are also updated time to time. This year(2001) information regarding result/counseling of entrance examination of  MCA/B.Tech(instrumentation) was also made available on website.

The library is progressing towards the complete computerization by way of adopting the information technology. Initially  infrastructure for the computerization and automation of the library has been developed with financial assistance of UGC and in collaboration with the INFLIBNET Center, Ahmedabad. After that the whole infrastructure has been created with the   financial investment of the university, mainly in the period under review. It   is entering in  the  final phase of complete computerization. Its networking has been completed (around 50 nodes have been provided in different sections of the library) and all the floors of library are connected to each other with the server placed in the ERNET section. The OPAC (on line public access catalogue) is in operation for the users and it contains collection of around 2,60,000 books, 2036 thesis and 2343 journals. New books catalogues are generated with the help of computers and all the new books are bar-coded. Membership details of all the students are available on the OPAC and   students’  I-CARDS have been bar-coded.

Other Information
The Library maintains bound records of two newspapers viz. 'The Tribune' and the 'Indian Express' in Archival Cell. Besides, the Cell also maintains the proceedings of the decision-making bodies of the University. Deputy Librarians of the University also participate in teaching the    Personal Contact Programmes of  Directorate of  Distance Education.
Orientation to the users about the use of Internet Services is an ongoing activity of the Ernet Section of the library.
The Internet Orientation lecture cum practical demonstrations were conducted by the programmer to the participants of different refresher courses organized by Academic Staff College during the year under report.
Senior functionaries of the library deliver lectures as resource persons in the refresher /orientation courses.