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Malai Kofta




For koftas :
Potatoes 250 Gm.
Gram flour 20 Gm.
Khoya (reduced milk) 100 Gm
Paneer (cottagecheese) 75 Gm
Sultanas 10 Gm.
Fresh green coriander 4 Spring leaves
Green chilies (chopped) 5 Gm.
Sugar 10 Gm.
Oil for deep frying
Salt to taste.
For Curry :
Onions 150 gm.
Ginger/ Garlic paste 10 gm.
Green chilies(chopped) 5 gm.
Coriander powder 5 gm.
Turmeric powder 2.5 gm.
Chili powder 5 gm.
Tomatoes (chopped) 150 gm.
Yogurt 112.5 gm.
Ghee (clarified butter) 45 gm.
Fresh coriander leaves 100 gm.
Salt to taste.
Red cherry forgarnish.

Preparation Method
Boil, peel and mash potatoes. Add salt, gram flour and blend well. Grate khoya, paneer and mix sultanas, chopped green chilies, chopped coriander leaves, salt and sugar. Divide the potato mixture into 4 equal portions. Form a cup with each portion, and fill with khoya mixture. Shape into oval koftas and deep fry till golden brown.
Grind onions, Ginger/Garlic paste, coriander powder, turmeric powder and chilli powder, and fry masala with ghee in a wok. After 2 mins. add tomatoes , stir add salt and water. Cook for 10 mins.
Remove koftas from gravy and arrange in a dish, add beaten yogurt to gravy, mix and pour over the koftas. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and a red cherry.

Time taken -- 1 hr.
Serves -- 4.

Nisha's Kitchen - A large,collection of Indian recipes