Intel promotes the digital home











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Intel espoused its vision of a digital life at home, work and on the move with updates on its product range, including the 925X/915G Express chipset family.

The world’s largest chip maker is investing considerably to make the digital home a reality where content is accessible anywhere, anytime with any device.

Intel say, There is a growing number of consumers in Asia-Pacific who want easy access to their music, movies, games and photos, and to communicate and obtain information when they are at home or travelling from one place to another. The ability to receive content on any device is becoming possible, and we are working towards making it a reality.

Unlike the products available, the concept of digital home does not merge devices. The digital home is an evolution of the idea that PCs, consumer electronics and mobile devices in the home seamlessly share content such as music and videos through an interoperable wired and wireless network.

The goal of the digital home is to provide consumers with seamless interoperability between devices, regardless of manufacturer, resulting in an easy, out-of-the-box experience across devices.

This platform takes advantage of the PC instead of trying to replace it. It focuses on providing consumers better access to digital media already stored on a PC.

Consumers will benefit from the convenience and flexibility to select a range of products from different vendors. These devices and digital media adapters will allow them to enjoy content regardless of the source, across different devices and locations in and around the home.

In Intel’s vision of a digital home, the PC and consumer electronics industries will work together to eliminate the boundaries between devices that compute and communicate, and consumer electronics products that entertain.

Technology innovation will bring consumer electronics features to PCs and vice versa, thus providing consumers with seamless interoperability between devices.

Intel sees consumer electronics technologies merging with computing and communications technologies.

Semiconductor technology is at the heart of this convergence, and Intel believes that by providing leadership in setting specifications and developing innovative technologies can help deliver greater value to consumers and create opportunities for the technology and consumer electronics industries.