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Avoid Weight after Diet

People can avoid regaining weight after diets by following a program of low-intensity exercise, report researchers in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands studied 40 obese men, age 39 on average, who were given a protein-enriched low-calorie liquid diet for 10 weeks. The men were randomly divided into two groups, one of which engaged in a low-inten sity exercise program while the other did not. While dieting, the men who did not exercise lost about 12.5 kilograms (27.5 pounds), the same amount of fat as the men who did exercise during the diet. However, two weeks after returning to a balanced diet, the group who did not exercise had a lower rate of fat metabolism, which could predispose them to weight gain. The results suggest that low-intensity workout sessions four times a week, involving exercises such as cycling, walk ing or jogging in 1-meter-deep (3-feet-deep) water, help keep fat levels low.