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Safe Yourself from Stress

Signs of stress:

Feeling depressed, edgy, guilty, tired.
Having headaches, stomach aches, trouble sleeping.
Laughing or crying for no reason.
Blaming other people for bad things that happen to you.
Only seeing the down side of a situation.
Feeling like things that you used to enjoy aren't fun or are a burden.
Resenting other people or your responsibilities.
What to do:

Pay attention to your stress levels and symptoms. Don’t try to gloss them over and make out as though everything is okay. Notice which events in your life trigger stress and how your body specifically responds to it.
Think about which stressors you can reduce immediately and how you would go about doing this. Are there still stressors that need more time to work on, if so think about what you can do to reduce these. Try to reduce your exposure to stressful situations. Give yourself the time to adjust your stress levels.
Incorporate some relaxation techniques into your daily regime. If you feel stress levels building up try to relax, breath deeply to bring your respiration back to normal.
Eat regular meals.
Exercise regularly, cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, swimming or jogging, even walking, will help to strengthen you physically and work off tension.
Try to avoid alcohol and nicotine and excessive caffeine.
Try to get enough sleep.
Don’t expect to much of yourself, be realistic when setting goals and allocating time for your activities. Don’t overestimate your energy reserves.