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Height Issues

I wish I could help you with the short height that you have.
Height of any person is pre-determined by his or her genetic make-up, which means that the height you will achieve in this life has been determined by the genes you have recieved from your parents, before you were even born.

For your information the human body keeps growing in height till 18 or in some cases uptil 20 years of age, so dont loose hope yet as I believe you still have a couple of years left to grow.

On the other hand there are a number of products advertised in the market that claim to increase a person's height. These have no backing from any scientific institute and most of them are hoaxes(if these remedies worked all of the human race would become over 6 feet tall!!!). You may try these remedies but my advice will be that you are just wasting your money.

Last but not the least, I suggest that you have a healthy balanced diet....do excercise regularly and leave the rest to the Almighty creator.