Status of donor eyes in India

There is a severe lack of donor eyes in India and only 4.500 operations are being performed every year, while 30,000 new victims are added each year to the long list of 7 lakh patients already waiting to be cured. Although there are enough qualified surgeons and plenty of potential patients, corneal transplantation cannot be carried out due to lack of donor corneas. Eye donation means people pledging to donate their eyes after death to be used for corneal grafting for restoring sight to corneal blind people. In India there are more than 80 lakh deaths every year but sadly the corneal donations do not exceed a few thousand.

The reason for very low number of eye donations are manifold

  • Lack of awareness in general public

  • Improper development of infrastructure

  • Absence of motivation even among the trained personnel or

  • Social and religious taboos