Fortunately lost sight can be restored through the medical intervention of corneal transplantation through the donated eyes. You can help this happen. Let Eye Donation be your family tradition. Donate eyes of you dearest. Age does not matter.  The eyes of the deceased of any can be donated whether he/she has pledged the eyes or not. For eye donation call nearest Eye Bank.

Guidelines to Eye Donation 

Who can donate eyes

Almost any one of any age can pledge to donate his / her eyes after death

It does not matter even if you

  • Wear glasses

  • Are hypertensive 

  • Are diabetic, or 

  • Have undergone any eye surgery

The ultimate decision about usage for transplantation is made after evaluation by a specialist. The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous. However, the family of the donor should be satisfied that the eyes have been used for noble cause of giving vision to the blind. What could be a greater donation than donating the eyesight, enabling the blind to see the vividity of the world !

Eye donation: How does it work?

  • The eyes have to be removed within six to eight hours to death; therefore the nearest eye bank or eye collection centre must be informed of the death immediately

  • The donor needs not to be taken to the eye bank the eye bank team will come to take the eyes wherever the donor is, at no cost.

  • Removed of eyes is a simple procedure and it does not take a long time. It causes no scar or disfigurement of the face

  • On reaching the eye bank eyes are evaluated processed and used for a corneal transplant surgery

  • The donated eyes who are on transplantation on the patients eyes who are on the waiting list in accordance with the priority based on the guidelines

  • The donated eyes are never bought or sold.  Request  for eye donation is   always attended to.
  • The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous but the donor family should be satisfied knowing that the  eyes   have been  used to  restore the vision of two blind persons.