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In Western countries, especially in the US, the healthcare industry is based on insurance. Statutory laws make it necessary for doctors to extensively document their medical document. This process can consume up to 50% of a doctor's time. Now, medical transcriptionists based in India can provide a solution. Sample reports include: Physical reports, Patient history, Laboratory reports & operative reports, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, consultation notes, office notes, X-ray reports.

How MT work
Voice recordings of doctor's reports are sent to India in a compressed form over data communication lines and decompressed at the Indian end. Medical transcriptionists listen to the voice recordings on special playback equipment that enables precise control, and key in the data on Word Processors(Like MS-Word). The data is Organized, Formatted, Proofread for errors and sent back to the doctor or hospital using data communication links.

Medical transcription is billions industry in the USA so MT an excellent business opportunity for India.

Advantages of medical transcription

India's enormous pool of English speakers.
The 12-hour time difference between India and the US makes for faster turnaround
A fresh medical transcriptionist in India earns Rs 5,000 per month, climbing to Rs12,000-22,000 with a few years' experience.

Possible problems:

Training: MTs require excellent word processing skills in addition to familiarity with drug names, spellings, medical terminology; medical procedures and protocols; etc. Word processing (MS-Word) goes beyond typing and allows complex manipulation of text once it has been entered. MTs need to be adept at using a word-processor (MS-Word) and macros (If you perform a task repeatedly in Word, you can automate the task using a macro. A macro is a series of Word commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically) to perform transcription quickly, accurately and more efficiently.
People: At present there is a dearth of experienced transcriptionists. According to reliable sources, the present requirement of transcriptionists in Bangalore alone is over 10,000.
Mistakes in transcription could result in multi-million dollar lawsuits.
Indians are familiar with British spellings and accents, and need to learn American spellings and accents.


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